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From and into Russian/Ukrainian/English


We offer translation, proofreading/editing, publishing and post-publishing services on Amazon Kindle website, as well promotion of your book/s

Translation services

Our translators are best in providing quality, affordable and prompt services in translation of various expertises


We offer up-to-the-mark proofreading/editing services working punctually, conscientiously and diligently with your works

Post-machine editing

New! We are experienced in providing best quality of post-machine editing/translastion services


Old and contemporary movies need to be translated or QA-ed? No problem, just contact us for first-class caption and subtitling service


We offer phone/skype consecutive interpreting services of conference calls and negotiations

Skype lessons

Had English (Russian, Ukrainian) on your mind? Contact us and we will set up a brief interview discussing your needs, language level and materials.

QA/QC high profile test projects (quality assurance/quality check)

QA services designed for specific analytical needs of clients, translation agencies and colleagues: analysis of a previously done translation, drawing reports, estimating translator's performance